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Welcome to the blog of cute animals, anime, and video games!

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Hey I'm a southern belle who happens to like the emo scene style named Carolyn. I'm 22 and live in MS. I joined livejournal for pkmncollectors and I love the community so much <3 I have been playing Pokemon ever since I was a child and still do, Along with many other titles! i have 3 indoor/outdoor cats and 4 hens~ I love posting pictures of them all when I can! I am a huge cat person so you bet I love all cat Pokemon! I am a republican/Christian so every once in awhile I maybvoice my opinions on events.... But I'm pretty tame XP keep in mind I'm not telling people what to do, but just how I feel. I hope I can be friends with all of you, I love, love, love discussing video games and anime!

these buttons are my main focuses in my collecting career!

buttons are not mine! they were made by various members of pkmncollectors!

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