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Idk what to title this

I've had...... So many emotions these past few days... I started my new job which again I am sooooo thankful for, but the weird thing is, for some reason I feel homesick sometimes (like wtf right?) idk maybe it's false homesickness bc I miss what's familiar bc this is all so new, and it's really overwhelming but I know that I would feel worse if I just went no im just gonna quit bc im to chicken shit to see this through, and it's scary to have that thought lingering in the very back of my mind, but I won't give in, not until I make it a few months! After trying a few things, I found some tactics that really helped me and want to share if there's anyone else going through something similar

1, cry. No seriously, when you come home for the day and just feel like crying, let it out, it really does make a huuuge difference.

2, talk to someone you trust. Something as simple as talking it out and hearing out loud what makes you feel the way you do.... Idk sometimes it's like wow am I being that ridiculous?? And putting logic out there idk just helps so much.

3, write down positives in your situation. In my case, i only work 35 hours a week, have really nice bosses and coworkers, and get weekends and federal days off, and you know monah!!

4, (if having anxiety from being away from the comfort of home.) bring something familiar with you, even if it's just in your purse or hidden away somewhere.

5, sleep. Giving the mind a break really does help.

6, God. I find that prayer really helps me through these tough times, whatever your religion is, just turn to it :)

These are things that worked for me, I'm not saying this list is a cure or anything, but it is relief, I just thought I could share if it helps even one person out :)
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