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*falls off chair laughing*  omg I love these! Falcon kick! (Pun intended)
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I swear I have long hair it just blends in with my shirt in this picture :/ sorry for my beaver teeth >_<
And they say Mississippi is the fattest state ha!..... Okay yeah it is :(
I'm a southern girl who loves the emo scene style because of the eye makeup and big hair~ before friending me, please keep in mind that I am a republican, anti-fenimist (just bc I feel like I don't need it and don't believe that men are all the same and "evil" but am aware other countries do need it... Don't really like the idea of women doing men's jobs either... Sorry :(), religious, cis gal so I'm afraid I'm not the one to talk to about the opposite of these topics :/  anyways, if you can accept how I am, I would love to be your friend :) even if you are democrat, thats okay because if we just focus on what we have in common instead of what makes us different we will get along just fine ^_^ everyone has different views so thats what makes us human, these just happen to be mine is all ^^ I'm really not the type to judge and won't try to convert anyone to my lifestyle xP  lets see.... Yes, I am a gamer! I love love love nintendo!!! Some of my favorite games are Pokemon, (duh) The Legend of Zelda, The Last Story, Blazblue for the 3ds, (anime rpgs in general) some Super Mario games, and Smash!! (^o^)/ I also enjoy various anime series which are listed on my profile :) I have 3 cats and 4 chickens i love them all~ I am hoping to move out of my small town and more into the country so I can get horses and goats too :P

This is Rascal and my pet snake Henry! lawl jk but that snake is real 0-0 this is why cats are good to have around, they always see this stuff first. My dad chased him away by poking him with a stick so we al good XP

my baby Mary Ellen~ shes very naughty and likes to chase the hens :T

and Misty who is and acts like a princess.... She gives my mom glares for some reason :(

Words can not explain how epic this is... Anime mother fucking Link!!! X//D

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Christmas Charm GB

Hi all! It’s been such a long time since I have posted! Has everyone been well? I come here today for a Christmas charm group buy! I did my math and it’s only $3.90 per charm! This is great because these were blind packaged last year. (booooo!)
There will only be 2 payments, one for the seller and then shipping from me to you! This ends Tomorrow so let’s try to get this thing!


1) Eevee
2) Litten
3) Hoot Hoot
4) Delibird
5) ponyta

Other sales!!!

Got an assortment of of goods here all in great condition and cheap prices :) all prices before shipping

Lucifer Plush $10
Rune factory frontier $20
Zelda wiiu $50

Puss in boots $15
Fiona AT plush $10

As for the amiibos, they are at a friends house and he went away for a trip so this will have to be shipped in early August :/
All $13 each before shipping :)

Idk what to title this

I've had...... So many emotions these past few days... I started my new job which again I am sooooo thankful for, but the weird thing is, for some reason I feel homesick sometimes (like wtf right?) idk maybe it's false homesickness bc I miss what's familiar bc this is all so new, and it's really overwhelming but I know that I would feel worse if I just went no im just gonna quit bc im to chicken shit to see this through, and it's scary to have that thought lingering in the very back of my mind, but I won't give in, not until I make it a few months! After trying a few things, I found some tactics that really helped me and want to share if there's anyone else going through something similar

1, cry. No seriously, when you come home for the day and just feel like crying, let it out, it really does make a huuuge difference.

2, talk to someone you trust. Something as simple as talking it out and hearing out loud what makes you feel the way you do.... Idk sometimes it's like wow am I being that ridiculous?? And putting logic out there idk just helps so much.

3, write down positives in your situation. In my case, i only work 35 hours a week, have really nice bosses and coworkers, and get weekends and federal days off, and you know monah!!

4, (if having anxiety from being away from the comfort of home.) bring something familiar with you, even if it's just in your purse or hidden away somewhere.

5, sleep. Giving the mind a break really does help.

6, God. I find that prayer really helps me through these tough times, whatever your religion is, just turn to it :)

These are things that worked for me, I'm not saying this list is a cure or anything, but it is relief, I just thought I could share if it helps even one person out :)

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Am I a bad person if I admit I laughed through this whole thing? Mkay :(

I can tell from experience that my chickens can care less when I take their eggs..... Their unfertilized eggs. Look I love my animals too but at the same time the circle of life is a thing, she might as well tell bears to stop eating salmon or birds to stop eating bugs you know :/ im all for livestock getting better treatment for sure. If she wants to be a vegan that's totally fine but don't push others to do the same :/ just like I have no intention of telling vegetarians, vegans to eat meat everyone has the right to decide what they want to eat and shouldnt be told wjay they can and can't eat.... America! *salutes*

I fucking cried ;3;

Even though it doesn't have the anime style, it does with the storyline... I know that feeling of missing someone to pearl :(

This is actually relatable, my grandfather died before I was born so like how steven doesn't know how to feel about his mom, I don't know how to feel about my grandfather.... I want to miss him but I never met him :/ but I love hearing about him!